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Most interviews now are done by Zoom so the client does not have to be on set. We can hook the camera directly to the Zoom so that you can watch the actual frame. We own an in-house fiber optic for ultra fast file upload so you can get all rushes at the same day.

We understand that you need an experienced team who can make the interviewee feel at ease and ask the right questions. We have filmed a range of interviewees, from students to celebrities, to top business leaders. As a result, we have become specialists in capturing engaging interview content.

Having worked with an incredibly diverse range of people, we know how to make our interview subjects feel relaxed, no matter their level of experience talking on camera. We pride ourselves on authenticity and always favor a natural, down-to-earth approach for our talking head interviews. We have found that this approach increases engagement with audiences.


We have extensive experience shooting green screen and video wall.

​​We own EYEDIRECT (Errol Morris), a flexible way of maintaining eye contact with on-camera talent/interview subjects with camera's lens.

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