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We have over 24 years of experience shooting documentaries in Israel.

We have collaborated with many Israeli and foreign award-winning directors on their documentary films: 
Emmy Award winner James Jacoby "Amazon Empire", David Attenborough, Israel's best documentary directors like David Ofek, Anat Zuria, Avida Livni, Emmy Award winner Alex Weresow, Emmy Award winners Simcha Yakobovich and Danny Sitton. Our work was screened on Netflix, PBS, ARTE, NBC Peacock, BBC, Channel 4, Showtime and many more.

Whether the field of interest is archaeology, history, the Bible, the Holocaust, or the complicated political reality of the Middle East, we offer a wide range of services to facilitate an affordable production with the highest professional standards. Our established long-term relationships with IDF representatives, politicians, Israel Nature and Park Authority, and academic professors make this possible.


The director or producer is often the only one traveling to Israel. And therefore, we take responsibility for the professional local camera crew, film permits, getting the right interviewees and all other production aspects.

​​We can also provide productions with a full package of services – from the initial research to filming and post-production.

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