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Israel based veteran video production company providing full production services: corporate videos, documentary films and commercial. We have produced and given production services for world leading companies based in Israel: Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, CITYBANK, IBM, Cisco, Toyota... We have worked with David Attenborough and director/ producer Simcha Yakobovich, a three-time Emmy award winner. Our films were aired on ARTE, ZDF, PBS, BBC, Chanel 4, Nat Geo, Discovery... We work with the best industry local professionals. 

Demo reel-2021

INTERVIEW reel-2021

Astrazeneca 2021

Shooting a corporate film in Israel.

Producer- Clanmac Media, UK

City Bank.png
CitiBank 2021

Shooting a corporate film.

Director- Adam Paris, UK


The new SAP Business One Technology Commercial.

Director- Liran Orpaz, Israel

Heading Home

A team of most famous Jewish-American baseball players (Ike Davis, Josh Zeid, Cody Decker) arrive in Israel for the first time. After spending a week in Israel visiting Yad Vashem, Western wall and Mezada the players establish a strong connection and feeling of belonging to their Jewish background.  
Directed by Jeremy Newberger, Ironbound Films, NY

The museum of DiasporA-IsraEL

​770 Productions Israel provides production services to the Museum of the Jewish People ("Beit Hatfutsot") for the last 11 years on a regular basis. A few highlight projects: A documentary film about the capture of Adolf Eichmann by the Mossad. Currently screening

in the USA. A video-art exhibition about different synagogues around the world (we hired 15 film crew from around the world). A documentary film about Bob Dylan currently on display in the museum.


A documentary chronicling a man on a mission to develop a product at the intersection of these technologies for early breast cancer detection. In the last 9 years 770Productions has collaborated with Ironbound Films on many projects.

Directed by Jeremy Newberger, Ironbound Films, NY

ZDF-Terra X- Exodus? -History of the Jews Europe

The film tells the powerful narrative history

of the Jewish people from biblical times to today. We shot in the Western wall, Kotel Tunnels, Yad Vashem, Israeli Musuem, Qumeran, Jaffa old Port.

Directed by Gero Von Boehm, Interscience film, Germany

shooting for amazon israel

Shooting a zoom interview with Israeli Amazon CEO for Amazon's Alexa division, Seattle.

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A corporate video about IBM's new Bluemix technology. The movie contains interviews and b-rolls.

Producer: Myriadmedia, NY


ARTE- documentary about Israeli Nadav Lapid’s film "Synonyms" which won the Golden Bear award at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival in February 2019.

770 Productions Israel supplied the the  crew and production services.

Directed by Wendla Nölle, Berlin.

History channel

History Channel

770 Productions has a long working experience with director Simcha Yakobovich, a three-time Emmy award winner

PBS-Mobileye/intel "Look Who’s Driving"

Exploring the promise and the pitfalls we face on the road to an autonomous vehicle future.

Producer- Kikim Media, CA

Director- Michael Schwarz